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all about moi~

alla bout your friendly neighborhood Ariel ^__^

hi! welcome to my page, ain't it pertay?
XD anyway, i''m Ariel, i'm 18 years old and i live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I follow TONS of fandoms, and most of my gallery is just fanart of those fandoms! i love Gravity Falls, Hey Arnold, Animaniacs, MLP, Kim Possible, Teen Titans, Pokemon, Regular Show, etc. and i love to draw fanart for the RP groups im in!

i'm not the best at digital art yet, so my main art is drawn traditionally & on paper lol. but i dabble back and forth sometimes. i really want to improve in my art skills, and also my writing skills :)

i really appreciate your comments, watches, and favorites! they really mean a LOT to me! ^__^

(the RP groups I'm in!)
:iconlupine-fangs: :iconsparked-or-shaded: :iconusagineko-academy: :iconstolen-sails: :iconpokecity-heroes:


stamps galore!

Corpse Party Fan by The-Yuri-Canon Wakko fan Stamp by SnowWhiteShadow Warner trio stamp by CillaIsInTheSellar MLP: AppleJack stamp by Janbearpig stamp: KiM POSSiBLE - logo by SimbiAni At first I thought they were siblings by daisykart .:Nicktoons stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300 Stamp: Danny Phantom by cinyu Zuko by Spazzly Stamp::Bioshock:Infinite: by Rayne-Is-Butts Bioshock - Rapture - stamp by shatinn Sly Cooper - Stamp by Eva49 South Park by sequelle They've killed Kenny Stamp by irreplaceablemartina

my favorite video games!!




Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 1:46 PM
  • Watching: (Playthrough) Resident Evil Revelations 2


Yes yes yes yes yes!

Some new developments about season 5 have just arrived and I can’t wait to tell you all how I feel!!! This is gonna rock!!!


This was found out during PonyCon AU, and it’s mostly about the 100th episode and the return of Maud plus a bit about the pony film coming in 2017: (my opinion is written in bold)


Episode 100:


    No mane 6, all background/minor ponies

Seems like a reasonable thing. I mean it is THEIR episode after all. Though I think if this were to work, either the Mane Six could be out of town doing something friendship-spreading related, or they could be just doing their everyday stuff but in the back compared to the BG ponies.


    Doctor Whooves, and very heavily hinted that he is similar to the actual Doctor Who version

We kinda assumed he would be like the actual Doctor Who, right? lol I can just imagine him running someplace with his sonic screwdriver and going into the TARDIS, that’d honestly be pretty cool.


    Some fan-established background pony personalities will be seen, while others will have entirely new ones.

Holy cow that’s gonna be great! Its so awesome they’re taking the fans into account and incorporating the fans impute on the characters, I couldn’t be happier *squee*


    As many background ponies crammed into it as they can, while still having a fun story


Hell yeah! Everyone’s gonna play a part (okay maybe not everyone but hey maybe lol)

    While they aren't allowed to read fanfiction to avoid a conflict of ideas, they are still very aware at what is popular. 


Dang it XD but I’m glad they at least know what is popular in the BG character department, that’s definitely some good news.


    Maud Pie returns in a Hearths Warming (Christmas) episode


I can only see Pinkie singing Deck the Halls and Maud doing the “fa la la” thing XD

But still a Pie Hearth’s Warming episode sounds like it might give everyone the feels which is exactly what I’d like. And if im right, I remember someone saying that Maud might sing next season, so perhaps she’ll sing a Christmas carol?


Pony Movie:

    It is completely 100% Pony, no Equestria Girls

About. freaking. Time. Haha

As much as I like Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry and i don't particularly hate the EG movies, thank god we get some actual ponies in a full movie.


    They are going all out on it, to make sure it doesn't just feel like an extended episode




So to recap:


    Princess Luna will have a nightmare at some point (maybe an entire episode?)


    Maud Pie returns, Maud's familial relationships being revealed soon

Perhaps with the Xmas episode or in a different Pinkie/Maud episode?

Coco Pommel returns

Okay. I don’t love Coco, but she’s cute. So okay XP

 Entire Twilight's Library episode

T_T my treeeeeeeeee *curls up in a ball*

26 Episodes total

Fluttershy: yay.

100th episode with background characters (Reconfirmed)

I literally just finished writing about this, but YAY!

Season 5 Looks to be exploring Equestria. Hasbro keeps pushing "Storybuilding".


Steampunk Pony

I saw the concept art, and it’s this guy and the other Apple family member’s designs I love the most.

    Lots of new highly detailed characters


    Possibly Griffon empire?

Insert “GRIFFONS” joke from R.A.M.

    Cutie Mark Magic is the topic (not of episode 100, but the season)

Hmmmmmm…. Not exactly feeling that, but if they execute it well, then I’ll change my mind. Still not convinced though.

    Nopony Dies

Aw man so Jayson’s tweet was a trick XD I kinda suspected but im glad its confirmed its not true.

    Storyboarding completed back in January

Sweet, so its pretty much done! And from what I gather the voice acting happens WAY before the storyboard process starts, so all we need now is the animation and BINGO SEASON 5 IS OURS!

    Larson hints at a Princess Pile

Dude if Larson writes a Princess episode with ALL of them bonding, its gonna be AMAZING

    Mike Vogel wants Flutterbat to return

As do I!

    DJ-Pon-3 in the foreground

With her base cannon? And perhaps being voiced by Jessi? HINT HINT

    More Diamond Tiara development

Are we getting Pacifica Northwest development here or no? because if Diamond Tiara goes down that road, MAYBE ill like her. I still dislike her with a burning passion though.



    Rainbow Dash gets a solo song

    Pinkie Pie song

Oh good! Because we haven’t already gotten Pinkie having MORE solos than her friends, right? SARCASTIC.

    Lena Hall (Broadway singer) doing a song written by Amy Keating Rogers

GAH im excited for Lena! Friendship is Magic cuz of here XD

    Lena Hall's song got a teaser

Yep, and it seems like a power ballad, so it’ll probably be great

    The final season 5 song was being worked on way back in November

So theres a good chance the music is done then? HOLY COW GET SEASON 5 HERE ALREADY!


and finally the rumors floating around:



    David Tennant voices Doctor Whoof at some point (very low chance, but it never got fully debunked)

Wouldn’t that be extremely great, though? I now my cousin would FLIP

    Discord jealous of others stealing Fluttershy time (John de Lancie mentioned this at a panel)

Want. This. Now. Wouldn’t you agree, no1cool ? *EVIL LAUGH*

    Some believe Discord's origins are going to be a thing based on the lack of a Discord FIENDship is Magic comic

Ohhhhhhhhhh haven’t read the comic but sounds pretty interesting.


And that’s it for me about the season 5 spoilers/rumors

Im waiting with ecstasy for the season to come already, so to calm my wait.


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