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"Home is where the heart is, the heart is, the heart is. Home is where the heart is, and if your heart is there, its home~!"

If you know where that song is from, i love you XD

Finally the long awaited "Golden Oak tribute" episode I was hoping for is here, with a very lovely set of sentimental moments, some pretty funny jokes, and ALL THE FEELS.

Twilight has been purposefully avoiding going home to her new castle *cough* play set *cough*, as she agrees with pretty much all the brony community; its not comforting or welcoming or anything. Just a very unattractive and empty building.

Thank goodness Twilight doesn't go head over heels with her new castle, like most would in her position. You know, like how they're so pumped to be there, and going gaga over their new perks. Its kinda like how she acted with her wings. She didn't freak out or really show concern about them. She just accepts it, reason why Twilight is my second favorite, because she has a very calm manner about receiving such huge gifts, where most would go crazy and want to party all day in their new crib (right pinkie?)

So to keep herself preoccupied from going home, she partakes in helping her friends with different chores (and occasionally KICKING ANGEL BUNNY INTO THE MUD which had me hysterically laughing. take that you little punk!) only to have herself go ALMOST Lesson Zero on us. Even getting to the point where she can barely stay awake at breakfast and cuddles her pancakes like a pillow...yes its cute.

Dawwwww look at the widdle pancake pwincess!!!

also, this.


Sparity lives!! See, I TOLD U! MY SHIP WILL NEVER DIE!!

So Twilights friends come to the conclusion Twi really doesn't like the castle (like we do) and they convince Spike to take Twi out for the day so they can surprise her with a more comforting and welcoming home. Aw you guys. :3

They sing a song about how they'll work together to fix up Twi's house, and its a very well sung and orchestrated song. Everyone this season, especially the Mane cast, are sounding AMAZING this time around. Like Andrea, your voice is so cute, and Ashleigh can seriously hit those bars as AJ <3

But though its a sweet song, and they all have the best intentions; from what we can tell, and what they don't seem to be thinking about, is what TWILIGHT would want in her home. More like, what THEY want. Like Rainbow putting up posters of her heroes, or AJ literally dumping piles of dirt into the castle to have as a garden.

*face hoof* AJ honey...really?

and that portrait. Guys, Spike doesn't deserve to be in the corner like that, come on, he's vastly important, not someone to put on the sidelines!

But I will say, one I saw that photo, I could only think of this.

Speaking of Spike, how's that little fella doing keeping Twilight distracted?

Well Twi got her hair done.


And apparently Bulk Biceps works at the salon with Aloe? Hahaha. Oh sorry I mean... YEEEEEEAAAHH

Help me.

But as they leave to the next stop, Twilight and Spike stop at the remains of the old library, still the charred up tree limbs from the season finale. (which makes me wonder why they didn't clean that up) and both the student and her apprentice take a moment in remembrance and cry a little. Not afraid to admit I teared up too. :'(

And while that's happening, the rest of the group get into a headed argument about who's things should be taken down, as all of their ideas mesh together into one heaping mess. Friendship is Magic, huh?
But finally, they realize that Twilight really wanted something that she could have in the castle to make HER feel better. I'd personally say just get a huge amount of books and surprise her with a library wing ala Beauty and the Beast style, but their idea is actually WAY nicer.

Once Twilight and Spike return from a trip to the Quill & Sofa store (whom I'm actually kinda glad to see), everypony surprises her with a very cool and thoughtful gift; the roots of the library tree all hung up like a chandelier with crystals and gems handing off its limbs like ornaments, and each crystal has a moment inside like a photo, of a memorable moment in the library.

Dude, this is the sweetest thing I've ever seen, and THIS is why MLP is so good. It has such a good heart and good nature to it, that when something sad happens, something beautiful and heartwarming comes right at you when you need it. Its so awesome :)

this was a beautiful little tribute episode to the tree I miss so dearly, and it really pulled at the heartstrings. And of course the song was great, and the writing was at its peak. Definitely going in my favorites.

And I think Pinkie might be going for the gold this season, because she is KILLING it with the jokes rather than the last. XP

"Somepony's gonna get a super special pancake!"


Geez, what with me and Ghostbusters lately?

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